CELLS is an acrynonym for Copenhagen Entrepreneur Lab for the Life Sciences.

It is the first co-founder Hub to be opened in Denmark - with the ambition to translate the most promising ideas and projects into start-up companies that hopefully will continue to grow into larger ventures.

Projects will be developed in a co-creation manner involving students, young entrepreneurs and mentors.

Aside from growing successful companies, it is also the ambition that this initiative will help to train next generation entrepreneurs, as they work alongside strong national and international mentors.

This will help to strengthen the ecosystem for bio-entrepreneurship in Denmark, which otherwise has excellent underlying conditions for growth.

The hub has been established by the business development program Accelerace Bio also located at COBIS. The team administers the initiative, while the connected mentors are responsible for evaluating incoming project proposals.


CELLS has been established by the business development program Accelerace Bio.

For more information please contact:
Morten Mølgaard Jensen
Tlf: +45 3119 7311


The co-founder hub has been established to grow next promising projects into successful life science ventures.

CELLS calls for project proposals.

Access to the hub will allow students, young entrepreneurs and mentors to develop strong start-ups in a co-creation manner.